Dylan Evans

Wednesday, January 18 2017 at 8:00PM

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49A Grove Rd
BN21 4TX

Dylan Evans

What's the talk about?

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Can we really cure ourselves of disease by the power of thought alone?  Faith healers and alternative therapists are convinced that we can, but what does science say? This intriguing exploration exposes the flaws in the scientific research into the placebo effect and proposes a new theory about how placebos work.

Please note that for this month only we are at The Printers Playhouse.

Our speaker:

Dylan Evans' uncontrollable curiosity has led him in some weird and wonderful directions. He once led an experiment in post-apocalyptic living in the Scottish Highlands. On another occasion he made a film about Princess Diana for British TV which got banned. He has worked as an interpreter for a Marxist Catholic nun and a Zulu, trained as a Lacanian psychoanalyst in Argentina, and been censured for sharing a scientific paper about fruitbats. He has also taught at various universities around the world, written several popular science books, and set up two companies. He also likes messing around with electronic music.